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Many business owners mistakenly believe that only large enterprises require professional bookkeeping services. While it is true that the sheer volume of assets managed by a larger business typically necessitates the aid of an experienced bookkeeper, most small businesses also benefit from the same services.

The state of a business’s bookkeeping system can say a lot about the financial health of that business. Messy and inconsistent books often indicate a dire need for bookkeeping support–something that the OCB Accountants are more than happy to provide. We use our decades of bookkeeping experience to identify and meet every client’s unique organizational needs.

Why Use a Professional Bookkeeper?

Some businesses are under the impression that hiring a bookkeeper is unnecessary because they already have an accountant on staff. While many aspects of bookkeeping and accounting overlap, a few important differences set them apart. Professional bookkeepers are responsible for recording day-to-day financial information, which often includes documenting expenses, recording transactions, and organizing financial records. The focus of bookkeepers is on accurate record keeping. On the other hand, accountants interpret and analyze the data bookkeepers generate to determine a business’s financial health and offer advice based on the information bookkeepers produce.

Bookkeepers and accountants typically work together to ensure that the recorded financial data are correct, current, and well-organized. This cooperation optimizes the data recording and reporting processes, which removes much of the accounting stress on small businesses.

Tips for Choosing a Bookkeeper

Choosing the right bookkeeper can be as challenging as hiring the perfect candidate for an important position. The right bookkeeper should be able to offer clear and actionable insights for your business. When considering a bookkeeper for your business, ask them the following:

  • How many years of experience do you have?
  • Are you certified with any professional organizations?
  • Can you provide references?
  • Are you familiar with accounting software?

Once you have checked all their references and verified the certifications, take some time to discuss your business goals, objectives, and projections with the prospective bookkeeper. Make sure they understand where your business has been and where you have planned to be –this context will be of utmost importance when it comes to organizing and optimizing your books.

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