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Payroll is often seen as a simple process with only one purpose that is providing employees with their paychecks; however, payroll is much more than that. Payroll is an integral part of any business, big or small. Knowing payroll functions help business owners to stay compliant with federal and state laws when it comes to paying taxes.

We at OCB Accountants, as a payroll service provider, eliminate expensive tax penalties by keeping up with regulatory changes and by ensuring that withholdings from employees’ wages are accurate and are paid on time. Businesses that value their time hire a payroll service provider to ensure that their taxes and employees are paid accurately and on time.

Common Payroll Mistakes

Payroll mistakes can become costly to fix, and there are numerous areas an organization can make serious errors. Knowing these areas help companies to avoid them or tackle them immediately when payroll mistakes happen. Common payroll mistakes include:

  • Misfiling employees as independent contractors rather than employees
  • Incorrectly classifying workers as exempt or non-exempt
  • Miscalculating the correct amount of overtime
  • Not maintaining payroll records by the timeframe required by law
  • Miss paying payroll taxes by deadlines
  • Overpaying, underpaying, or paying employees late

Reasons to Choose OCB Accountants

As a payroll service provider, we either assist with or manage all aspects of payroll on behalf of your business. We are here to help simplify your payroll if you are tired of the hassle and expenses of payroll systems that have failed to meet your business expectations.

  • We set up and manage a payroll solution that assists, rather than disrupts, your business.
  • We streamline your payroll processing.
  • We help with payroll systems management.
  • We help your business to keep accurate payroll records.

Other Services

Payroll Services

We provide custom payroll services that complement the way you do business.
Consolidated Payroll Systems
Accurate Recording

Sales Tax

With deep understanding of sales tax filing requirements and deadlines, we ensure all your filings are prompt and accurate.
Full-Service Filing

Financial Statement Preparation

We utilize the latest technology to prepare concise and accurate financial statements; we are equipped to serve all sorts of businesses.
Adaptable Formatting

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