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Anderson AIA
“Dedicated and Professional”
“I knew that I’d be asking a lot in asking to clean up all of our books since the incorporation of our practice in 2017. Recent years were input in QBO as best we knew how but prior years largely weren’t. Neda pulled and teased out data from all sorts of directions whilst also keeping up our books in the here and now. We knew where we started and generally how we’d grown each year but we needed solid books and a process for maintaining them going forward so that we could focus on the practice and not the books. Neda delivered on all of that with poise and professionalism.”
“Great Teacher, Coach and Consultant”
“Neda and her team have been everything I could have hoped for in helping us get my business finances organized. First, she cares deeply about the quality of her work. She is accurate and efficient and really has deep knowledge of accounting and how to use QuickBooks. She’s a capable and patient teacher and is so helpful and willing to explain the steps needed to operate QuickBooks correctly. I would highly recommend Neda and her team to anyone needing help and know she will deliver all the support that is needed.”
Kingslayer Games LLC
“I should have looked for Neda sooner!!”
“I found Neda’s firm through Quickbooks. If you are in need of someone to help reconcile your books and provide you with timely weekly or daily bookkeeping services you can stop looking. Book a consultation with Neda and her team. They are absolutely fantastic and make us feel like we are their only client. My only regret is not finding her sooner.”
QuickBooks Certified
ProAdvisor Desktop
QuickBooks Certified
ProAdvisor Online
QuickBooks Certified
ProAdvisor Point of Sale
QuickBooks Certified
ProAdvisor Enterprise
QuickBooks Certified
ProAdvisor Online AD

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Solution Details
Bank & CC Transaction Categorization
Bank & CC Reconciliations
Management Financial Report (Quarterly)
Support Email (Weekly)
Technology & Apps
Engagement Retainer
Inventory Management
Accounts Payable Management
Streamlined Invoicing Service
Sales Tax Reporting
Budgeting & Forecasting
Payroll Services & Suport
Tax Strategy sessions with your CPA (Anual)
Financial Processes Optimization
Cash Flow Improvement Strategies
Profit Maximization Strategies

Frequently Asked Questions

A chargeback in accounting is when a customer disputes a charge, leading to the reversal of a financial transaction. It involves returning funds to the customer and deducting them from the business’s account.
Payroll integration is the streamlined process of combining payroll data with other business systems. This ensures accuracy in salary payments, tax deductions, and compliance.
An accounting firm is a professional service provider offering financial services such as bookkeeping, auditing, tax preparation, and consulting to individuals and businesses.
Forensic accounting is the detailed examination of financial discrepancies for legal proceedings, especially in cases of fraud or embezzlement. Our experts conduct precise investigations to ensure accuracy and reliability in legal matters.
A true-up in accounting is when we adjust previously recorded financial entries to match the actual, reconciled values. It ensures accuracy in our records. It ensures accuracy in financial reporting.
PBC stands for “Provided by Client” in accounting. During an audit or engagement, clients need to share necessary paperwork and information with auditors or accountants.

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