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Sales Tax Compliance & Filing Solutions

Explore seamless sales tax filing solutions with OCB Accountants. Our expert team ensures accurate and timely submissions, keeping you compliant with sales tax regulations. Trust OCB Accountants to streamline your sales tax compliance process and provide peace of mind.
Sales Taxes
A Stellar Team for Your Sales Tax Success

A Stellar Team for Your Sales Tax Success

Navigating SALES TAX FILING SERVICES becomes effortless with our all-star team by your side. Benefit from year-round SALES TAX ON SERVICES BY STATE support that eliminates the stress of meeting deadlines.
Your Optimal Return Awaits

Your Optimal Return Awaits

An exceptional team ensures an outstanding tax return. Maximize your deductions effortlessly with OCB’s expert bookkeeping and sales tax preparation services. We cover everything, including sales tax deduction, providing effective ways to deduct sales tax.
Meticulous Handling, Every Detail Managed by Us

Meticulous Handling, Every Detail Managed by Us

Opt for our Premium plan, providing an all-in-one TAX AND BOOKKEEPING SOLUTION. We organize your records at every step for easy sales tax processing and comprehensive management.

Unlock essential insights with OCB's financial reporting

Discover the power of financial reporting with

S Corporation and Partnerships

March 15

S corporation (Form 1120-S) and partnership (Form 1065) TAX RETURNS are due March 15. You can also file for an extension using Form 7004, with the new filing due date on September 15.


Prevent last-minute rushes by starting your TAX PREPARATION early with OCB. Our streamlined process minimizes late filing penalties and ensures a smooth experience, including precise SALES TAX WORKSHEET assistance.
S Corporation and Partnerships

Sole Proprietors and C Corporations

April 18

Sole proprietors filing Schedule C (Form 1040) and C corporation returns (Form 1120) are due April 18. You can file for an extension using Form 4868, with the new filing due date on October 16.


Ensure a hassle-free TAX SEASON by leveraging OCB’s quick and efficient solutions.

Filing Form 1099?

Our 1099 reporting feature simplifies your filing preparation. OCB Accountants 1099 reports include essential details, making filing easy and on time.
Preventing Occupational Fraud

Property Tax Services

Manage PROPERTY TAX effortlessly with OCB Accountants. Our expert support covers income, SALES TAX, and TAXES DUE, ensuring accurate and timely filings.
Explore the OCB Advantage:
Unlock more advantages with OCB. These benefits are just the beginning of the comprehensive support we provide for your financial success.
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Across The Usa

Sales Tax by State and Cities Across the USA

Navigating the intricacies of SALES TAX is crucial for businesses, especially considering the variations across different states and cities. At OCB Accountants, we provide comprehensive insights into SALES TAX REGULATIONS
As you expand your business operations, understanding the specific SALES TAX RATES and requirements in various locations becomes paramount. At OCB, we stay updated on SALES TAX CHANGES, ensuring your business complies effortlessly across various areas. With OCB, you’re not just managing SALES TAX; you’re mastering it nationwide.
Explore some state and cities:
This is just a glimpse of the numerous cities and states we serve nationwide. Empower your business with the KNOWLEDGE AND SUPPORT it needs for seamless operations across the United States. That’s our commitment to you.

Experience Stress-Free
Sales Tax Filing

Embark on a free trial and discover how OCB can alleviate the stress of SALES TAX FILING and bookkeeping. Let us handle one month of your bookkeeping and prepare a set of financials for you to keep.

Customized Sales Tax Support for Your Business

At every stage of your business, OCB has you covered. Our comprehensive services provide SALES TAX SUPPORT, PREPARATION, and FILING from start to finish.
QuickBooks Tips To Simplify Your Life

We Handle Your Bookkeeping:

Each month, our dedicated BOOKKEEPERS organize your business transactions and work on your books. Come year-end, they compile a tidy TAX PACKAGE for filing, offering a year-in-review snapshot of your business.

Year-Round Tax Support:

TAX STRESS doesn’t adhere to TAX SEASON. That’s why we offer year-round ADVISORY SERVICES through on-demand and unlimited TAX CONSULTATIONS. With check-ins throughout the year, your TAX TEAM ensures no deduction is left behind.

Efficient Tax Filing:

When it’s time to file, your dedicated TAX COORDINATOR collects all necessary documents. Your Bench Tax Advisor helps prepare, review, and file your income tax return on time, every time.

One Tidy Year-End Financial Package

TAX TIME ORGANIZATION made simple. Our Year-End Financial Package brings everything together, providing a stress-free TAX SEASON.
See the Big Picture, Annotated:
The Year-End Financial Package includes:
Bookkeeper vs. Accountant

Meet Your All-Star Team

In the complex landscape of TAX FILING, your expert team at OCB ensures every detail is tracked. Meet the professionals handling your TAX WORRIES:


Your bookkeeper completes your books and prepares financials monthly. They’re just a chat away on the Bench platform or available for a direct call.
Tax Coordinator

Tax Coordinator

Supporting you throughout TAX SEASON, your dedicated Tax Coordinator assists in tracking down TAX-RELATED DOCUMENTS and information.
OCB Tax Advisor

OCB Tax Advisor

Licensed tax professionals who facilitate the preparation, review, and filing of your INCOME TAX RETURN. They provide unlimited, year-round advisory services.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sales Tax

A use tax is like a sibling to sales tax. While sales tax is what you pay when buying something, use tax is what you pay when you use, store, or consume something you bought. It’s essential when you didn’t pay sales tax on certain purchases. Make sure to report and pay use tax when needed.
Adding sales tax is easy. Find the tax rate, multiply it by the sale amount, and add the result to the original price. For example, if the tax rate is 8%, multiplying a $100 purchase by 0.08 gives you $8 in tax. Add that to the $100, and the customer pays $108 in total.
A full charge bookkeeper oversees the entire bookkeeping process, handling everything from recording transactions to preparing financial statements. They often work independently and handle various financial aspects for a business.
It depends on the rules where you operate. In many places, services like cleaning aren’t taxed, but it’s crucial to check and follow your local tax laws. If you need assistance navigating tax regulations, contact us for expert advice tailored to your business.
Sometimes yes. You might deduct sales tax on significant purchases when you itemize deductions on your federal tax return. Rules vary, so it’s best to ask a tax pro for advice based on your situation. If you’re unsure about deducting sales tax, reach out to us for personalized guidance and support.
No, sales tax is not applicable to the purchase of a house. Sales tax is typically associated with tangible personal property and certain services, not real estate transactions. Property taxes may apply, but they are distinct from sales tax. For more information on taxes related to real estate, feel free to contact us.

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