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Client Testimonials

“Peace of Mind.”

“Amazing! Neda is so professional and wonderful to work with, she is quick to answer questions and return emails and phone calls, she’s highly organized and knowledgeable and brings such Peace of Mind to our business. I highly recommend working with Neda. She has quickly become an extremely valuable asset to our team and we feel so lucky to have found her.”

"Great To Work With"

“I am now so happy to use OC Bookkeepers for my bookkeeping needs. Neda was very professional and gave great advice. She suggested reviews, as needed, and proactively discussed my future needs with me. My bookkeeping and payroll are now on autopilot and I get to concentrate on my business and clients. If I have any questions, she is very responsive. I strongly recommend Neda and her team, as you will find their services to be excellent.”

“Bookkeeping Services ”

“After having experiences with a variety of different business services, it was clear from the very first meeting with Neda that she would be breaking a long cycle of unnecessary stress in small business operations. Neda is the human equivalent of sunshine in business, because she clearly illuminates all of your operations and practices, devising fantastic solutions. Her intelligence in conjunction with her ethics and humanity is highly unusual; she is truly a jewel. Part investigative journalist, part financial beast, she is incredibly gifted in her work. It has genuinely already changed our lives working with her, and we are so excited to grow with her! Note, we found her by watching her work with one of our clients and generate astounding results with healthy business infrastructure. She is a dynamo and worth her weight in gold.”

“Monthly bookkeeping"

“Neda is fantastic. Her attention to detail is awesome. Would highly recommend for any business owner.”

"Accounting & Bookkeeping Services"

“Neda has been an absolute game changer with how I look at QuickBooks for my business. Over the years, I’ve gone through bookkeeper after bookkeeper until one of my own clients recommended Neda to me. Her solid understanding of how to use Intuit’s software has really helped so much! Thank you, Neda!”


“Neda has been and continues to be an amazing asset to our team. Not only is she detail-oriented and driven with an amazing work ethic, but she is also very easy to get along with and has a great personality. I am so grateful for her hard work for the company and for her patience with me as she teaches me some of the ins and outs of bookkeeping. I highly recommend Neda’s services!”


“Neda provides a high quality of exceptional work. Her knowledge of accounting is excellent and her ability to problem solve is extremely useful and appreciative. Neda responds quickly when situations arise that require her direction. She assesses every aspect our of record keeping, reporting and day to day practices and offers solutions or options when evaluating what is needed for our business and helps us create better processes for the growth and development of our business. Neda is a pleasure to work with.”

"Setting up Accounting Procedures & Closing End of the Year Company Financials "

“We are in Prepaid Wireless Industry and due to the complexity of our gross profit calculations and commission payouts to our dealers, we had a difficult time closing the month with accurate P&L. She setup the proper procedures that made it easy for our accounting staff to book the daily bills and invoices to hit the correct chart of accounts in order to close the month quickly and accurately. She is sharp, concise, professional with excellent time management skill. I would highly recommend her for any company looking for a controller/External auditor level person.”

“Bookkeeping ”

“Neda is excellent- she completely overhauled our small business accounting and transformed us into an efficient, organized and streamlined operation with Quickbooks and her extensive range of expertise. She is professional, timely, and very sincere. I highly recommend her!!”

“Neda Rastegari "

“So over the past 5 years we’ve worked with at least 5 bookkeepers. Three we had to fire and one had to retire for medical reasons. I only bring this up because that experience has allowed us to see how good bookkeepers perform, and how bad bookkeepers can perform. Recently however, we had the opportunity to see what a great bookkeeper is like. Neda was amazing. As a small business owner I don’t have a lot of time to hand hold someone to figure out our books, nor do I want someone going completely rogue and simply make stuff up as they go along, to meet a deadline. In the case of Neda, she provided the perfect balance of being able to work autonomously, and pull me in as needed. And thanks to her, 2014 was the first time we completed our taxes without having to file an extension, even though she started working with us in early March. She was prompt in her work, very responsive, knowledgeable, kept her commitments and brought order to my chaotic QuickBooks. I highly recommend her services and look forward to working with her in the future.”

"Quickbooks and Accounting Services"

“The team at BCH Consulting is very personable and professional. They can quickly and efficiently resolve any INTUIT ONLINE or PREMIER issues we are experiencing (we use them for two businesses on separate QB platforms). Since Intuit has tragically moved “regular user support” overseas it is IMPOSSIBLE to get answers or credible assistance by calling the Intuit support number. Hours we had spent on the phone with Intuit’s “India Operators” are now exclusively handled with the expertise of BCH’s consultants/advisors. Thank you especially to Neda for always being such a great expert in keeping our QB running smoothly.”

“Accounting and QuickBooks Services”

“Neda’s services go above and beyond ProAdvisor! Not only is she highly skilled and knowledgeable, she is the most dedicated and hard-working person I have ever had the privilege of working with. She took a one-on-one approach with me when it came to getting our books in order, and made it very easy and manageable for our company to maintain the books. She is very personable, great at communicating quickly and effectively, and I consider it an absolutely honor to work with her. Without Neda, our accounting would be in terrible shape. Thank you Neda for all your hard work! Five stars across the board.”


“Neda has been a very knowledgeable and helpful accounting and bookkeeping resource for our business. She has really taken the time to patiently walk us through the process so we can be more self-sufficient and organized with our bookkeeping. She is a pleasure to work with and highly recommended!”

"Book Keeping"

“Neda is the nicest most professional person that I have had the pleasure of meeting! She is very knowledgeable & prompt in communications & always finds the time to address my frequent unexpected issues that I bombard her with. I trust her with all my business sensitive material knowing it will be kept safe & confidential. Thank you Neda for all your hard work!”

“Bookkeeping and Accounting”

“They do an excellent job with our bookkeeping and accounting for our business. Their knowledge and expertise has helped us tremendously. Neda does such a great job with everything!”

“Excellent Bookkeeping with Accounting Knowledget.”

“Neda and her team are amazing. They have great attention to detail and really care about their clients. They are not lazy and work hard to provide excellent value. They provide excellent bookkeeping services as well as advice on best accounting and tax practices, and if they don’t know something, they are able to connect you with someone in their network that does and they manage the relationship well. Neda has an amazing talent for listening for customer concerns as well as an amazing mind and passion for bookkeeping and accounting which is exactly what you want. She and her team are truly gifted and I would recommend Neda and her team to anyone looking for excellent service!”

“Passionate & Helpful .”

“We really couldn’t do without Neda and her team. They are extremely patient and understanding of all our needs, as well as have full clarity and knowledge in the areas we need help with. Worked with plenty of accountants/ bookkeepers in the past and I would 100% recommend Neda and the team at OCB Accountants a first choice as they are passionate about what they do and are always available to provide their support and knowledge!”

“Professional and Well-Organized”

“As a business owner there is nothing more important than having a professional and knowledgeable accountant. Neda and her team provide you with the first class service you need for your business. I highly recommend her!”
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