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Recognizing Occupational Fraud

Types of occupational fraud include embezzling, insider trading, forging checks, expense reports and vendor invoices.

* Invoices from fake vendors – an employee can create a fictitious vendor, mail a check to the fake vendor with your business’ name on it and then cash the check for themselves.

* Missing property – laptops or other computing equipment can be an easy target for employees.

* Fraudulent expense reports – some company reports are merely skimmed over for approval, offering an employee an easy way to fake expenses.

* Forged checks – if an employee consistently works around a high-level executive, it becomes easy for the employee to forge signatures.

*Employee lives beyond his or her means – if an employee is living a lavish lifestyle on a modest salary, he or she could be defrauding the business.

Dejean, Reggie. “How To Identify and Protect Against Occupational Fraud.” Lawley Insurance, 19 Nov. 2015, www.lawleyinsurance.com/business-insurance/how-to-identify-and-protect-against-occupational-fraud/

Recognizing Occupational Fraud

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