Should a business owner or the office manager do the bookkeeping?

When you own a small business there are a lot of things that you must keep track of and at times it can get overwhelming.  Some business’s will have their office manager or receptionist do their bookkeeping.  You may think this sounds like a great idea because it’s one less thing for you to worry about, but that may not always be the case.  Just because the office manager knows some things about bookkeeping doesn’t necessarily mean it’s being done correctly.  This may be a “cheaper” route instead of hiring someone else, but in the long run this could put your company in a serious financial situation.  Some business owners themselves do the accounting but they shouldn’t be doing it either.  Business owners should focus on their company and not have to worry about the accounting.  Also, unless they are very educated in accounting, they may not do any good at it either.  A company should hire someone with an accounting background to do all the accounting.  This can insure you that the accounting will be done correctly.

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