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QuickBooks Tips To Simplify Your Life

1. Use ProAdvisor – ProAdvisor is part of the QuickBooks Intuit Package and connects you with a local accountant who can help get you up and running on the software. They can also advise you on issues like tax requirements, offsetting of expenses and business structure.

2. Reconciling on QuickBooks – When you reconcile your accounts regularly, you always have a high-level picture of what’s happening in your business. It’s simple: When you receive a statement or a payment remittance, ensure it reconciles with your QuickBooks.

3. Print Checks Directly from QuickBooks – Just go to the Banking Tab and your first option will be Write Checks. You can then Print.

4. Use Online Banking – When you use the QuickBooks Online Banking icon on your Icon Bar, you’ll be taken through a tutorial for online banking and can start using it right away. However, it’s important to consider security; are there multiple users that access the software who you don’t want accessing your account?

5. Online Payments via QuickBooks – Online payments via QuickBooks allows you to accept payments directly from customers while minimizing fees. All you need to do is set up your bank details, which are then used by customers to pay directly into your bank via QuickBooks. You’re charged only about 50 cents per transaction, which is much lower than many of the alternative platforms.

6. Merging Similar Accounts – Sometimes, you might find that your QuickBooks file is bogged down with many different accounts. This happens when accounts are created by different employees for different tasks or when multiple customer accounts have been erroneously created. To make your final accounts easier, merging is the best option. This can be done by choosing one account name, then going to another account for merging. Right-click and then paste and the name of the account you want all to be merged to. When you click Save, QuickBooks will ask if you want to merge the accounts. Click on Yes.

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QuickBooks Tips To Simplify Your Life

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QuickBooks Tips To Simplify Your Life

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